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Checkbook: Dry Cleaners

Freshness that won't clean out your wallet. A survey of thousands of Checkbook and Consumer Reports magazine subscribers found that about a fifth of Bay Area dry cleaners were rated "superior" by more than 90 percent of their customers.

Donnie Mac M., Pleasanton, CA

Amir is the MAN! He will delivery your stuff and accomodate you in any reasonable way. Christina is the seamstress, and she has done a great job putting all the patches on my kid's boy scout uniform. Also, she fixed the lining in my pants...as good as new!

K D., San Jose, CA

I don't even write reviews for Yelp anymore, but I had to share my knowledge about a place like this.

I'd bought some +300€ jeans at LV in Paris and at the end of a wild night, I'd had oil stains amongst other things on them. I couldn't bare to look at them so I had them lay around for a few weeks until I wanted to wear them again to Vegas. I looked up a dry cleaner here on Yelp and found this place, a little farther than necessary for a dry cleaner, which I drive regularly now after my first exposure. I was able to drop them off Wednesday, and have them ready Thursday before my flight! And they were spotless!!

Relatively simple task for a dry cleaner I suppose, but the customer service and knowledge they convey is outstanding and is what definitely sets them apart of your ordinary 'round-the-corner dry cleaner (unless of course you live around the corner). Friendly, FAST, and the quality of service delivered is nothing less than what you pay for. Definitely for the consumer who tends to have an emotional attachment to their clothes(hahaha!) or even for someone who just needs a suit or dress cleaned in a timely manner.

Ben P., Newark, CA

same owner , same location for 30 years ! now thats a place you can trust ! amir was very friendly and polite .

Nikki E., Hayward, CA

Having heard horror stories from friends about lost and damaged clothing they've had with other cleaning services, I can gladly say that I am unable to relate to their experiences. I have been a satisfied and loyal customer of Walnut Cleaners for 8 years. At least once per week I bring in my suits, my husband's uniforms and any formal wear for cleaning and alterations. It's not only the superior care and that my clothing receives, that keeps me coming back, but the friendly, personal touch of Amir, the owner, and his staff. Someone once said, "Quality means doing it right when no one is watching," and I can say without hesitation that Walnut Cleaners epitomizes quality!

Consuelo J., Union City, CA

Contrary to the original review, I have had only great service with Walnut Cleaners.

I have been going to Walnut Cleaners for at least a few years. I had become extremely wary of dry cleaners, as "Q Cleaners" in Union City ruined a couple pieces of clothing, including my favorite wool jacket. Can't remember how I happened upon Walnut, however, there are times I make the extra special trip 20 minutes out the way to get the best service for my cleaning!

Previous Problems w/Dry Cleaning: My concerns with dry cleaning have been especially with my black colored clothing, as I learned first hand by Q cleaners, when the heat is too high, these articles can be easily scorched. You'd think on black you wouldn't be able to see the burn, but the shiny patches on your favorite pants or wool coat will definitely make you angry!

Major Feat: I've never had any issues with Walnut Cleaners and in fact just recently they pulled off a miracle I didn't believe would happen. Dad came home, mad at himself, that he'd worn his favorite brown wool jacket to a construction site, leaning up against a wall with FRESH WHITE paint. All down the right side of his jacket and the right back panel. He got this jacket in Holland while visiting a brother, so it had HIGH sentimental value. I knew just who to call. The owner answered, told me to leave the stain alone and to bring it in the next day. Four days & $15 later, the PAINT WAS COMPLETELY GONE! Can't say how ecstatic Dad was!

Cons: Wish they were closer to Union City/ San Leandro area! 

I would definitely recommend Walnut Cleaners. As you will see on their wall, they have won many "Best of" awards and rightly deserve it. They owner is super nice too!

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